Protective Marking for Security and Compliance

For police forces around the world, information assurance is critical. The ability to share information, while at the same time protecting it, is an issue that is encountered time and again. TITUS software solutions assist public safety and national security agencies around the world in protecting and sharing their most valuable data. TITUS solutions allow police forces to:

Comply with Regulations

  • Prompts the user to apply classifications to email and documents
  • Supports compliance with government marking standards such as UK GSC (formerly GPMS) and Australian EPMS
  • Enables police forces to share information securely and with confidence

Raise Awareness

  • Applies consistent, government-compliant visual markings to email and documents
  • Clearly identifies sensitive information and communicates proper information handling
  • Promotes a culture of awareness and accountability for information protection

Prevent Data Loss

  • Stops email spillage by verifying recipient clearance before the email leaves the desktop
  • Automatically applies encryption to email and documents where appropriate
  • Enhances DLP and other downstream solutions with persistent TITUS metadata

Police Solutions Include:

Data Classification

Message Classification
Classifies, labels, and protectively marks email in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web App, and mobile devices. Classification raises security awareness and enables users to identify information sensitivity.

Classification for Microsoft Office
Classifies, labels, and protectively marks documents in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Classification raises security awareness and enables users to identify information sensitivity.

Classification for Desktop
Classifies any file type in Windows Explorer, including Adobe PDF, multimedia files, and CAD documents.

SharePoint Security

Metadata Security
Restricts access to documents in SharePoint based on the document’s metadata properties in order to ensure the right people are seeing the right information.

Document Policy Manager
Applies visual labels to existing and new documents automatically in order to make users aware of the sensitivity of information. Converts documents to Adobe PDF to protect against unauthorized editing of sensitive information.

New Messaging Solution for Police Forces
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"A great learning tool for staff to understand the value of information. It actually educates employees to apply a standard that is a company standard. It is a win-win situation!"
— Grahame Waite, Information Security Officer & Data Protection Officer , Fife Constabulary