Automatically encrypt sensitive data according to corporate policy

Together, PGP and TITUS improve control of security policy and automate the encryption of documents and email by:

  • Enforcing policy to prevent inadvertent data loss
  • Restricting users from sending sensitive information to unauthorized recipients
  • Automatically applying encryption to sensitive emails

Protective markings can act as a foundation for information-centric security marrying the right level of protection to the most sensitive data. TITUS Message Classification for Microsoft Outlook® and TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office® are integrated with PGP® Desktop Email and PGP Universal™ Gateway Email. Together the joint solution ensures all confidential email and documents are automatically encrypted according to corporate policy.

TITUS solutions enable users to identify content by adding a protective marking or business value to the data. PGP solutions can read these markings and automatically secure the message when certain markings (e.g. Confidential) appear in the email subject line, message body, or metadata. The joint solution enforces encryption policy and prevents information flow to the wrong people.

Customers have the ability to create automated protection policies based on protective markings at the desktop. For example, when a user selects "send," "send-to," "save," or "print" in an email or document, a customizable TITUS window appears prompting a user to select a protective marking (e.g. Confidential) that will automatically trigger a specific PGP email encryption policy.

Additionally, TITUS inspects documents for policy violations before saving, and provides instant feedback to users, so that the author can correct any problems. TITUS includes a feature called Email Attachment Checking. This feature ensures the protective markings on attached documents in email have a protective marking that is equal to or less than the overall protective marking. This prevents "CONFIDENTIAL" documents from leaving the enterprise with a lower protective marking, such as "Public".

"Integrating PGP technology and TITUS’ classification solutions increases awareness and control of security policy, while adding automated enforcement and protection to documents and email."
— Bryan Gillson, Director of Business Development, PGP Corporation