Bulk Classification of Documents

Companies generate a huge number of electronic documents. Some of these documents contain sensitive or confidential information that must be protected by organizations. This presents a challenge to organizations that must protect information assets while promoting information sharing.

TITUS Bulk Classification Services allow organizations to classify their electronic documents so that appropriate security can be applied to documents, and end-users can be made aware of which documents contain sensitive information. This allows organizations to promote information sharing without compromising sensitive information.


  • Allows organizations to quickly classify thousands or even millions of documents.
  • Classification can be based on file location, file owner, file metadata or document content.
  • Inserts metadata into documents that can be recognized by other systems for security and retention purposes.
  • Can apply classification labels (headers, footers, watermarks) into documents to communicate proper information handling to end-users.

Key Benefits

Prevent Data Loss

  • Once documents are classified procedures can be put in place to protect the sensitive information.
  • Applies metadata to documents to enhance existing DLP or encryption solutions.

Comply with Regulations

  • Enforces data protection policies required to comply with ITAR, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, Massachusetts 201 CMR, and other regulations.
  • Applies labels / protective markings to comply with CAPCO, CUI, HMG/GPMS, and other standards.

Raise Awareness

  • Prompts users to tag documents with a business value.
  • Applies visual markings (headers, footers, watermarks) to communicate proper information handling.

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