Classify and Label Documents on Windows File Servers

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  • Which of your file servers contain confidential data?
  • How to protect information under Legal Hold?
  • How to make users aware of sensitive information?

TITUS file server classification solutions enhance the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) to help enterprises identify the business value of data, raise security awareness, and protect information assets.

TITUS Solutions for Windows Server FCI can help customers:

  • Classify and label information using custom FCI classifiers. TITUS Professional Services has created classifiers which plug into the FCI architecture and allow customers to bulk classify existing information. Examples of custom classifiers include a classifier which assigns classification based on the document owner's role, and a classifier which automatically labels documents with classification headers and footers.
  • Migrate sensitive information to secure locations. TITUS solutions help you find sensitive information and move it to locations which are more secure.
  • Manage information which is under Legal Hold – TITUS solutions can automatically classify files as being “On Legal Hold” to avoid destruction of sensitive legal information.
  • Classify information while it is being created by end users. TITUS Classification solutions for email, documents and other file types allow end users to classify information while it’s being created and before it is moved to file servers. TITUS Classification solutions are completely interoperable with Microsoft FCI.
  • Plan and deploy FCI. With extensive experience in classification and Microsoft FCI, TITUS can help customers plan their classification process, can help deploy FCI solutions across the enterprise, and can help customize FCI for specific requirements.

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TITUS Professional Services

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Leverages FCI classifications to prevent internal documents from slipping out in external email.

Classification for Office
Leverages FCI classifications to make users aware of the sensitivity of documents.

Classification for Desktop
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"The very nature of the information handled by our agency is sensitive. With the TITUS solution, we have confidence that information is being protectively marked and that it is staying within our organization when it travels via email."
— Mitch Levy, Assistant Secretary, DHS