Share Information Securely in SharePoint

TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint enables organizations to protect and securely share sensitive content in Microsoft SharePoint by ensuring that the right people access the right information. TITUS enhances SharePoint security by automatically applying fine-grained access permissions to sensitive documents and lists based on metadata and trusted attributes (claims). In addition, mobile-specific access permissions can be defined based on information sensitivity, user identity, and mobile device. With TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint, there is no need to manually define access rights for every document, and you can be sure that security access policies are applied consistently and automatically across all your sensitive content in SharePoint.

TITUS Metadata Security allows your organization to:

Safely store sensitive data alongside non-sensitive data

  • Leverage document metadata and/or trusted attributes (claims) to determine access
  • Enforce fine-grained policies over sensitive content
  • Control mobile access to sensitive documents

Automate security

  • Use rule-based access control policies to automate permissions
  • Reduce SharePoint administration costs by automating security
  • Reduce the need to create and manage large numbers of Security Groups

Ensure consistency and strong data governance

  • Ensure security is consistently applied across all SharePoint content
  • Simplify your SharePoint environment by not having to segregate sensitive data
  • Comply with regulations such as ITAR, EAR, HIPAA, NERC, ISO 27001, and many others

Users see different views depending on the SharePoint item’s metadata properties and/or the user’s trusted attributes (claims)

Product Review

"TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint provides the proper controls at the right levels while dynamically addressing your data governance needs." more — Joel Oleson, SharePoint Expert
"Metadata Security allowed us to use a single document management library that, with a few additional metadata elements, allows us to maintain security at the document level without burdening IT staff or the end user with a laborious publishing process." — Leo Murphy, Micro Matic USA Inc.