And, Send…Oops…

It’s happened to you. I know it’s happened to me. I small error in typing an email address, attaching the wrong document to an email, not doing a second check…and click – you’ve just sent something to the wrong person. Oops. For me, it’s never been catastrophic – I might have inadvertently invited one of my friends to a 3pm meeting, causing a bit of confusion – but I’m one of the lucky ones.

This week, there were reports of a couple of email slips that weren’t as innocuous. It was recently reported that, back in June, a contractor at Goldman Sachs Group “accidentally emailed confidential client data to a stranger’s Gmail account.” And this week, a police service in Canada “accidentally emailed a media log of the day’s activity” that confirmed a high profile arrest on Canada Day.

There are similar reports every week of someone inadvertently sending information to the wrong person. The ones that we hear about in the news are in the news for a reason – they’ve had a huge impact on a person or organization. There are repercussions.

If only there was a tool, some easy-to-use software that could help in these situations…

By having a tool such as TITUS Classification Suite in your organization, you are helping your employees avoid such mistakes, and are saving your organization some potentially nasty headaches. Users are prompted to classify the sensitivity of every email and document – for example, as Internal Only, External Public, whatever classification scheme your organizations chooses. With these classifications in place, if someone were to address an email to, and attached a document that was classified as ‘Internal Only’, TITUS would pop up a warning telling the user that they are trying to send an internal document externally, and asking them to go back and fix the message – ie. remove the document or change the recipient.

Headache avoided!

How are you avoiding these types of mistakes in your organization?

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