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Top Data Security Blog Posts for 2011: Data Classification, Mobile Security, Data Security and Compliance, Data Loss Prevention, and Cloud Data Security

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

As 2011 draws to a close, I thought it would be interesting to provide a list of the most popular data security articles on this blog. Here are the topics and articles that were most popular with our readers:

1) Data Classification

More and more commercial organizations have started to see data classification as the foundation of their information protection strategy. We wrote several articles about this trend, including an article that described how to implement a data classification policy in 5 simple steps, and an article that recommended best practices for defining a data classification scheme. Readers were also interested in how to use classification software to bulk classify, mark, and label large numbers of files.

2) Mobile Security

Mobile security has become a hot topic, especially with the trend toward consumerization of mobile devices. (more…)



Security Risks and Considerations with Outlook Web Access – Part 2

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

In last week’s post, I discussed several ways to improve the security of Outlook Web Access. With built-in features like forms-based authentication, WebReady Document Reading, and OWA Segmentation, organizations have several configuration options for reducing the risk of web-based email. 

But what about security risks that aren’t so straightforward for technology to detect – risks like discussing corporate secrets in public places, or carelessly forwarding a sensitive email to the wrong recipients? Maybe back in the office users are more risk sensitive, but when they are in informal environments such as airports and home offices, their sense of caution is often minimized. This is where some well-timed, user-based education and warnings can really play a role in reducing the risk of inadvertent disclosure. 

Titus Message Classification for OWA is an important piece of this security puzzle. As a Carnegie Mellon University research experiment showed, if users are warned ahead of time about the security risks of sending sensitive information over the internet, they will be much less likely to send it. This is what Titus Message Classification for OWA does: it makes users stop and think before they send an email, helping them to make the right decisions for protecting their organization’s valuable information.  (more…)



Security Risks and Considerations with Outlook Web Access

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

If you’re a regular reader on our blog or website, you know that one of our mantras is “Make the user stop and think”. It’s behind so much of what we do at Titus – gently reminding users before they inadvertently disclose sensitive information to the wrong people.

So a recent Carnegie Mellon University research study about consumer behavior really piqued my interest. In the study, the researchers attempt to understand how consumers decide to reveal sensitive information online. The results are a bit surprising. It turns out that users are most likely to reveal sensitive information on websites that look informal, even unprofessional. Strangely, when users are asked sensitive questions on a website of this type, they see the questions as less intrusive than if they were on a more formal website. (more…)