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Titus Labs visits the Sacramento SharePoint User Group

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Another great presentation to another great group – the Sacramento SharePoint User Group!

I had the pleasure of speaking to this group on May 20 and would like to thank them for allowing us to provide some background on Titus Labs, and on our SharePoint product line – Metadata Security, Document Marking and PDF Control for SharePoint .

The feedback at these events is always mutually beneficial. It allows us as a vendor to educate users on increasing security and protecting information in their SharePoint environments. And, on the flip side, it continues to provide us at Titus Labs with endless ideas on future releases, use cases and ideas for functionality that we can bring to our developers who are always ready and eager to hear customer feedback. What the people want, the people get!

Some key themes came up in the Q&A session after the presentation – SharePoint 2010 support; reporting; and how we license our products.

1)When will we support SharePoint 2010?: As Charlie mentioned in his posting on May 26, we are in the final stages of doing QA testing for our Metadata Security for SharePoint product for SP 2010 and hope to have a beta release in the next few weeks. Many questions were based on curiosity as most companies have not yet, it seems, made the migration over to 2010. They have it on the list of ‘projects’ for this summer, so knowing that we can support the Security functionality for them upon completion of those projects is a must.

2) Reporting: Reporting, Reporting: This is a favourite! We did build out a deeper report in our second release of the Metadata Security for SharePoint product that provides the tracking and ‘quick view’ of what users/groups have access to in what documents in the library. This becomes important for auditing purposes. We can do it now, and it will only get better. We are in the planning stages of our third release of the product and there is even more reporting there to quench the thirst of the SP administrators/executives who can’t get enough!

3) Licensing: We currently license the product by ‘server’ – this makes things straightforward and more cost effective for companies to invest. They know the price, and there are no surprises down the road as they add more and more content to their repositories.

If there is one thing we have learned in all of these presentations and “meet and greets” with customers, it is that no two company environments are exactly the same. Having the flexibility with Titus Labs SharePoint Security suite of products allows organizations to customize the tools to their own specific environments and that is the biggest struggle for companies trying to implement SharePoint Security – they need to maintain control, but have the flexibility to customize it internally. Titus Labs bridges that gap for them with our SharePoint Security enhancements.

I look forward to hearing more from other user groups out there. Perhaps a SharePoint Saturday event will be in the near future for Titus Labs!

– Jennifer Lalumiere