What Are Your Organization’s Top SharePoint Security Challenges?

Recently, TITUS had the opportunity to ask over 200 SharePoint users about their top SharePoint security concerns. The survey confirmed for us what we had been hearing from our customers over the past number of years – organizations are storing a wide variety of sensitive information in SharePoint, from financial and HR information, to intellectual property, to personally identifiable information (PII).

This raises a number of security challenges for organizations. From our survey, we found that 79% of organizations see permissions management and site ownership as the top SharePoint security challenge. Not surprising considering that while new SharePoint deployments very often attempt to segregate sensitive content, most organizations find that users prefer to store information based on topic, function or project.

You can see more results from our survey, and learn more about how the TITUS approach to SharePoint security helps to address the issues raised, by having a look at our infographic on the topic.

TITUS Infographic - Take Control of SharePoint Security

What are the most pressing SharePoint security challenges in your organization?

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