AIIM Industry Watch Report Released – SharePoint 2013: Clouding the Issues

A new report released by AIIM outlines the significant impact that SharePoint has had in the both collaboration and the content management space. New features within SharePoint 2013 fuel the debate about SharePoint’s ability to be the enterprise’s primary collaboration tool, repository, and archive without requiring customizations or third-party add-on products. In SharePoint 2013 – Clouding the Issues, the new capabilities and potential pitfalls for cloud SharePoint deployments are examined against the backdrop of overall SharePoint adoption and project success.

Among the key findings in the report:

  • The biggest on-going issues are user adoption, extending the business scope, and governance. Achieving uniformity of classification and metadata is also a big issue.
  •  Despite improvements in the standard feature set, 67% still see third-party products as important. There is still strong interest in third-party add-in products, particularly system monitoring, BPM, storage management, metadata management, and records management.
  •  23% still have big issues with governance and user-security in SharePoint (rising to 30% of large organizations). 35% feel that considerable improvements have now been made.

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