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Extending SharePoint RMS (IRM) Support to Mobile

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Microsoft RMS support, also know as Information Rights Management (IRM), has been supported in SharePoint since the SharePoint V3 release. This functionality allows you to limit the actions that users can take on documents or files that have been downloaded from SharePoint lists or libraries. RMS encrypts the downloaded files and limits the set of users that are allowed to decrypt these files. RMS can also limit the rights of the users who are allowed to read files so that they cannot do additional things such as print copies of the files or copy text from them. When people download files in an IRM-enabled list or library, the files are encrypted so that only authorized people can view them. This functionality works great if you are opening a SharePoint file on your desktop, but what happens if you want to access these SharePoint files on your mobile device?  TITUS has introduced an iOS app that allow you to extend SharePoint IRM to iPhone and iPad devices.

A growing number of Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors now offer secure document containers and direct access to SharePoint to allow users to view SharePoint documents on mobile devices. MobileIron offers their Docs@Work app and AirWatch has their Secure Content Locker. The problem with these apps, as well as the iOS and Android operating systems, is that they are not RMS aware. (more…)

SharePoint Security Starts at Deployment

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

As the repository of a great deal of an organization’s sensitive data, it is imperative to ensure that your SharePoint web applications are set up properly from the moment of deployment. All the precautions taken to ensure appropriate user access to libraries and lists can be completely undone if security best practices at the administration level are neglected.

Security in Microsoft SharePoint starts at the time of deployment. Setting up the proper user accounts ensures the proper separation of responsibilities and activity auditing. Therefore, it is important to set up multiple user accounts with limited privileges. These accounts exist for specific administrative functions and nothing more. At minimum, there should be three different user accounts created to manage setup, SQL management, and for SharePoint farm administration.

AIIM Industry Watch Report Released – SharePoint 2013: Clouding the Issues

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

A new report released by AIIM outlines the significant impact that SharePoint has had in the both collaboration and the content management space. New features within SharePoint 2013 fuel the debate about SharePoint’s ability to be the enterprise’s primary collaboration tool, repository, and archive without requiring customizations or third-party add-on products. In SharePoint 2013 – Clouding the Issues, the new capabilities and potential pitfalls for cloud SharePoint deployments are examined against the backdrop of overall SharePoint adoption and project success. (more…)

What Are Your Organization’s Top SharePoint Security Challenges?

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Recently, TITUS had the opportunity to ask over 200 SharePoint users about their top SharePoint security concerns. The survey confirmed for us what we had been hearing from our customers over the past number of years – organizations are storing a wide variety of sensitive information in SharePoint, from financial and HR information, to intellectual property, to personally identifiable information (PII). (more…)