Kickstarting data privacy: Introducing Titus Accelerator for Privacy

Today marks another major milestone in our continued evolution as we proudly introduce Titus Accelerator for Privacy.

Since our founding in 2005, Titus has consistently evolved to better address the complex and constantly changing needs of our partners and customers. Today marks another major milestone in our continued evolution as we proudly introduce Titus Accelerator for Privacy in response to growing concerns over safeguarding personal data.

It’s getting harder for enterprises big and small to protect potentially sensitive information. Enterprises face pressure both from their Boards as well as the general public to ensure that sensitive information and personal data is well protected. Frankly, it’s unfair and unrealistic to place the bulk of the burden on employees to determine which emails and/or files could put them—and their employers—at risk.

A recent online Titus poll revealed that 22 percent of personal emails could be mishandled by end-users based on their responses to emails with potentially sensitive data. The simple truth: It’s become commonplace to share personally identifiable information, making it increasingly difficult to assess risk accurately. Another fact: Sensitive data can be found in all types of files, with emails and data in use among the most vulnerable.

With Titus Accelerator for Privacy, we are making it easier and faster for organizations to put necessary precautions in place while solving some of the hardest data privacy problems, including:

  • Finding personally identifiable data wherever it exists. Most organizations simply don’t know where to look, which is why Titus digs deep.
  • Examining in-use data. At-rest data only tells part of the story, which is why we focus on data at the point of creation and as it moves across its lifecycle.
  • Searching unstructured and structured data. Unstructured email is among the most likely targets for sensitive information, yet most solutions can’t support it.
  • Reviewing content and context. The circumstance or meaning behind the content sheds important light on whether data is sensitive or not.

Our latest move represents an integral step in Titus’ evolution as a data protection pioneer with data classification in our DNA. With Titus Accelerator for Privacy, we are fulfilling our mission to provide a more direct path to best-practices data security while providing the missing link to data classification.

Regardless of where companies are in their security journeys, Titus Accelerator for Privacy offers a straightforward way for enterprises to kickstart their compliance and data privacy efforts. Overall, company leaders must make personal data privacy a bigger priority as we all bear responsibility for safeguarding our employees, customers, partners, organizational structures and corporate reputations.

As CEO of Titus, I’m especially bullish about creating a culture where my employees and customers’ employees have complete confidence that all data is safe and sound. After all, like many of you, I’ve been the victim of a personal data breach, and the process to clear my name and rectify my records was every bit as complicated and frustrating as you can imagine.

It took an inordinate amount of time to contact banks and credit-card companies, place fraud alerts with credit bureaus, report the identity theft to the FTC and the IRS… the list went on and on. I’m getting a headache just recalling the days, weeks and months it took to resolve everything.

When I fell victim to identify theft, there was no simple solution to identify and capture my personal data, which exposed sensitive information to nefarious actions by a third party. Thankfully, with Titus Accelerator for Privacy, personal data is quickly and accurately identified using machine learning and natural language processing. Just as easily, necessary steps can be taken to classify, encrypt or block anything that could be questionable from leaving the organization.

As a result, I sleep a lot better at night—and I’m happy to report that my employees do too. With Titus Accelerator for Privacy, we now can offer everyone a better night’s sleep.

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