Are your WebEx, Skype, or MS Teams meetings secure?

Data protection & video conferences, part II

Last week we published a blog post that highlighted the fact that Zoom, the rising star of the videoconferencing world, had some security soft spots that could potentially be exploited by malicious actors.

I don’t mean the numerous reports around “Zoom Bombings”, where public meetings have been disrupted by people sharing pornographic or violent images to the point where the hosts have been forced to shut down the meeting.

More relevant to Titus, a specific security issue among video conferencing platforms pertains to the sharing of sensitive materials during meetings.

And it’s not just Zoom.

Video conferencing tools commonly found in enterprise environments, e.g., Skype, Cisco WebEx, and MS Teams, don’t prevent a host from sharing materials on screen that have been classified as Restricted or Confidential.

This can be an issue when you don’t know exactly who’s attending a call where sensitive materials and documents will be discussed, or when a host forgets to stop sharing his or her screen before pulling up a sensitive file.

Our Chief Architect, Ayman Wassif, has developed a simple policy using the custom actions available in the Titus Classification Suite.

As you can see in the video examples below, when a user attempts to share a Restricted document on screen, Titus policy prevents the document from being viewed on remote screens. The document is still visible to the host, but attendees will be presented with a blacked-out area.

Documents classified as Public remain easily shareable until they are classified as Restricted. These use cases are built entirely on Titus extensibility and do not require any external rights management.


Whether you’re using Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Skype, MS Teams or something else, Titus Classification Suite can ensure your employees are not accidentally sharing sensitive materials during video conferencing calls.

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