Titus Illuminate: Identify, classify and analyze files with a Wave contender

Learn how Titus Illuminate enhances the ability of data loss prevention, enterprise rights management, and applying proper security controls based on classification policies.

When I joined Titus in 2012, we had already set the standard for data classification. We were growing as a business and had developed a data protection solution that’s scalable, flexible, and ready to support different cloud platforms.

In 2015, we put a plan in place to solve a different problem: helping customers identify and protect data that already exists.

New data is created at incredible rates, which means the volume of data is growing. When you take into account that people work cross-functionally and collaborate with external resources all the time, it means files are stored in numerous network and cloud locations. Clearly, the combination of data discovery and classification would be increasingly important moving forward.

That’s when we began the design process for Titus Illuminate, which helps identify the business value of data stored on-premise and in the cloud, such as Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online, Dropbox and Box. It gives organizations the ability to know what data they have and how to protect it.

The power of classification and file analytics

It’s been a great journey for Titus so far and I’m proud that Titus was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in The Forrester Wave™: File Analytics Providers, Q2 2018. In this evaluation, Titus received three of its highest scores in the criteria of security and governance, technology strategy, and customers and markets.

Illuminate enhances the ability of data loss prevention, enterprise rights management and other security solutions to apply the proper security controls based on classification policies. Illuminate also leverages its file inventory capabilities to identify and dispose of redundant, obsolete or non-business related data, decreasing the risk exposure and improving organizational efficiency by reducing storage cost.

In addition, Titus Illuminate:

  • automatically classifies files based on content and context;
  • protects files with encryption and remediation options; and
  • provides a user-friendly reporting capability so organizations can analyze and monitor results to better understand your data.

Next generation file analytics

The strength of our current approach with Titus Illuminate is based on embedding classification metadata and policy actions to protect data. I’m really excited to see the next evolution of Titus’ file analytics capabilities. We’re making great progress on a next-generation solution driven by machine learning. We’re also going to extend our platform with open APIs for policy actions, rules, and metadata services.

The best part of all this?

Titus Illuminate was quite literally developed hand-in-hand with some of our customers. We were fortunate to have people from outside of the company help shape the current and future direction of our file analytics capabilities. It’s a really special experience for our developers and product managers to get real-time insights on how their ideas and solutions can make a positive impact for customers.

Building products beyond data classification with the ability to protect, track, and control data presents a great opportunity for Titus and I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

Download The Forrester Wave™: File Analytics Providers, Q2 2018 to learn more about how Titus Illuminate can help you classify and secure your sensitive data.

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Mark Cassetta, senior vice president of product management and strategy, is responsible for the execution of product strategy at Titus. His diverse background, including roles in marketing, business development, corporate strategy, applications development, and enterprise software, helps to inform his approach.

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