Why You Need A Specialist Provider – Labeling Policies Built For Your Business

In today’s cybersecurity market, we are seeing more vendors than before offering solutions which claim to cover all your security needs under one roof. Sure, from a business efficiency point of view this may seem like a very tempting offer – but in reality is it all too good to be true?

We already know that data classification is the crucial foundation to a solid data security solution, so the question is, why would you want to build these foundations using a solution that simply isn’t going to be able to truly fulfil your needs into the future? With regulatory compliance requirements only growing globally, your organization needs to rely on specialist solutions in this key area that can grow alongside these requirements, and save you from making a costly mistake.

So why do you need to choose a specialist provider?

1. You need a labeling policy that reflects the way the data is used around the business

Your data classification policy must reflect the way data is used within the organization, as opposed to having to sacrifice business requirements for classification to fit into a generic, non-flexible, classification schema set by the solution. Users must have the ability to set unambiguous labels in order to understand how to handle data within the business.

Your policy needs to be able to support both sophisticated visual and metadata labels. Sophisticated visual labels give greater context to the data, which in turn allow for more accurate and secure handling of your data. Using a blanket label of “Confidential” may work in some instances, but using a more granular label of “Confidential – Board – PII” allows for quicker identification of sensitive information, as well as what should be done with it.

The greater the granularity provided by your classification, the more your policy can be enforced, as well as far more accurate downstream support for other data security tools such as DLP, DRM, and encryption.

If you want to learn more about why you need to be relying on best-of-breed experts to provide your data classification solution, why not watch our webcast “Data Classification Take 30: Why You Need A Specialist Provider”.

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