Key Considerations in The Ever-Evolving Data Privacy Landscape – DLP or Data Classification First?

Enza Iannopollo, principal analyst at Forrester, recently answered some of the pressing questions we’ve received when it comes to data security, and more importantly building the foundations of your data security strategy. Today we’re looking at what Enza had to say when it comes to implementing DLP and data classification, and if one should come before the other.

Q: Is there an order in which we should implement DLP and Data Classification tools, or does it not matter?

Enza: We tend to discuss data classification first and DLP second, but in reality, the implementation of these tools often happens simultaneously. I would say that it is important to get started with classification ahead of DLP implementation. However, organizations do not need to wait to complete the implementation of data classification before starting with DLP. And they should not. Learnings from DLP implementation help refine data classification and, as a result of the improved classification, DLP becomes more effective.

To learn more, you can download the full Q&A with Enza here.

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