Best of the Titus Talks Cybersecurity Podcast: Vol. 1

Check out some highlights from the first four episodes with our guest experts and their thoughts on all things data protection.

Something that I’ve always enjoyed about working at Titus is that there is never a lack of subject matter experts with a level experience and knowledge that is only matched by their enthusiasm for their work.

This same expertise and passion extends to the larger cybersecurity community and the guests that have appeared on our podcast.

Here are a few brief highlights from our first four episodes to give you a sample of of the exciting and timely things we’ve talked about in the world of data protection and regulatory compliance.

Each selection jumps right to the clip when you hit ‘play’, or you can listen to the full episode in case you missed it.


Working towards CCPA compliance (Ep.1)

In our debut episode, Bret Osborne, Titus VP Sales West, taught me about the newly enacted CCPA regulations, how lessons from the GDPR rollout can provide roadmaps for success, and how some organizations are still struggling with the regulatory compliance.

Listen to the full episode

Balancing international trade with national security (Ep.2)

In episode two, Matt Henson, Trade Collaboration Engine CEO,  opened my eyes to how even unintentional mishandling of electronic data can result in serious national security  implications.

Listen to the full episode

It takes more than DLP (Ep.3)

I was particularly enlightened by Willy Bitaut, VP Global Business Development at Seclore, as he described his concept of data-centric security as a way to enhance and support a larger ecosystem of security products.

Listen to the full episode

Next-gen challenges for the next-gen CISO (Ep.4)

As our temporary work-from-home situation became a little less temporary, I had the opportunity to speak with Neil Thacker, CISO EMEA with Netskope, to learn how COVID-19 and the relayed remote work is affecting the role of today’s CISO and how today’s situation might change the CISO role going forward.

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Tua Tagovailoa at six?

And lastly, by way of some horrible NFL draft predictions, I’ve learned that the data protection experts I’ve spoken to should probably stick to their day jobs.

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