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Building trust

At a recent internal event, two of our large enterprise customers spoke to the entire TITUS team about the value of our products within their organization. They used the term "trusted partner" quite often.

TITUS is grounded in the belief that building a trusted partner relationship with our customers is just as important as the products that we support. This begins by highlighting the experience and knowledge we possess which will make their data classification journey a success. However, just saying it is not enough. The TITUS Deployment Methodology, which our customers can reference from their initial deployment through future evolution and expansions, gives customers direct access to our vast experience and knowledge.

At TITUS, we know that it takes a lot more than slideware to dispense best practices, project plans, training materials, and other elements of a methodology. The latest release of the TITUS deployment methodology is built directly into our customer engagement model to ensure our entire support team is rallied around driving outcomes for our customers during each stage of their development. Furthermore, we are also releasing the first version of our TITUS Data Classification templates, providing customers with best practices and suggestions for their data classification configuration.

While classifying data is simple to do, and not a difficult concept to understand, effective execution requires an understanding of the impact on processes, technology, and users within the constraints of industry and government regulations. TITUS makes it easy for our customers to leverage our years of experience in order to follow the same steps that other enterprises have taken to be successful. Where classification is the foundation to information security, at TITUS we believe that providing value is the foundation to a successful business relationship.

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