Research shows that the global cost of cybercrime is at least $600 Billion per year. Hundreds of millions of people are affected – with outcomes ranging from stolen identities and hacked social media accounts, to compromised credit cards and loss of intellectual property.

One survey found that 64% of Americans have been victims of fraudulent charges or loss of personal information. So, what should be done about it?

As a leading data protection company, Titus is committed to protecting not just our own internal resources, but those of our customers and partners.

Data security companies around the world: join the Titus #CommitToProtect challenge for data protection in 2020 and beyond.

We’d love to see Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and other IT professionals commit to doing more to protect sensitive data under their control.

Data security companies around the world: join the Titus challenge for better data protection in 2020 and beyond! Tweet this


Titus has a long history of advocating for best data security practices and we would love to see increased awareness around how best to protect your data.

Share how your company is committed to protect your data – don’t forget to use #CommitToProtect

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