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One of the biggest challenges for any organization is to protect its sensitive data. Employees send emails, create documents, and upload files to cloud applications every day. Some files can be shared with external contacts, others are for internal use only. Some data is highly sensitive and must be restricted to only a select group of individuals. How does your data protection solution know how to treat any particular file?

Start with data classification

Data classification is the foundation of any data security solution — within the corporate firewall and in the Cloud. You can’t protect your data when people and corporate systems don’t know enough about the contents of files to handle them properly.

The most effective ways to provide that information is to ensure a you have a robust classification solution in place.

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The solution

Titus Classification Suite enables organizations to truly understand what kind of data they have, its value, and how best to classify files in order to mitigate your exposure to risk.

It also empowers your employees to work confidently and productively, knowing their emails, documents, and sensitive information are protected.

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How we solve it

Automated inspection and classification of emails and documents

Clearly and accurately classify emails, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files with user-selected, system-suggested, or automatically applied classification settings, based on your data security policies.

For example, fully customizable visual markings can be automatically added to the headers and/or footers of documents to meet specific regulatory requirements.

Full integration in your current systems and in the Cloud

Embed user-friendly classification tools into your existing productivity apps and assure users that information will be secure during creation, handling, or sharing of documents. Whether you’re using stand-alone or Cloud-versions of Office 365 and/or Google G-Suite, end users can quickly classify each document with a single click in a seamless day-to-day workflow.

Open data security eco-system

Titus Classification Suite embeds rich metadata into each file as part of the classification process. This metadata can be leveraged by 3rd party data protection solution components – DLPs, CASBs, Next-Gen Firewalls, etc. – in an open data security eco-system. This integrated best-of-breed approach creates an optimized solution that helps put your data policy into action. This ensures that people, processes, and technologies work together to protect your business.

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Smarter Data Protection with Machine Learning

Machine learning is a term that’s being used more and more by data protection companies. Keep in mind that not all implementations of machine learning are the same. Titus has been a leader in this space for years, and will continue to develop data protection solutions that deliver outstanding value to our customers.

Discover how machine learning can enable organizations to improve classification and enhance data protection strategies.

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