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Data Classification

The DNA of your data protection strategy

Give your data context and protect what matters


Protecting unstructured data is one of your biggest organizational challenges. Anyone can send an email, create a document or upload a file. Are your security policies protecting sensitive information or exposing your company to risk?  

Data classification is the foundation of data security — within the corporate firewall and in the cloud. You can’t protect your data when your people and your technologies don’t know how to handle it.



data context

Build a data protection program that works


Titus Data Classification provides automated, system-suggested and user-driven classification tools to clearly inform both your people and your policies on what information should be secured and how to handle it.

Our solution works within your systems to trigger the appropriate policy actions to protect and manage your data.

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Go beyond simple classification to manage and protect your data with a customizable classification metadata schema. Give your data context so people and systems understand how to handle the information.  

Define, read and embed metadata attributes into email, documents and files at every stage of the content life cycle to meet compliance and legal requirements, classify content sensitivity, and create and manage richer data security policies. 



Our data classification capabilities automatically add visual markings and handling instructions to email and documents to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. 


Capture and embed retention, compliance or other metadata attributes to automate processes for archiving, storage, retention and deletion. 

Visual markings and user involvement in classifying help promote a security-first mindset while supporting end-user awareness, education and responsibility around data protection. 






Adaptable foundation: Build and adopt configurable and flexible classification schemas that map to your security policies.  


Company-defined, persistent metadata: Read and embed metadata to inform your technology and systems to secure and manage data at creation, at rest and in motion.  


User engagement controls: Deploy user-driven, suggested or automated classification into existing productivity tools in Microsoft Office and G Suite.  


Customizable user aides: Configure classification selection guides, alerts and visible markings to support user behavior and decision-making.



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