Data Security

Put your policies into action
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A lot is at stake when it comes to securing your sensitive data

You've got to:

  • Protect your internal documents, trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Maintain consumer trust
  • Comply with industry, government and privacy regulations
  • Minimize risk to your business

Patchwork security programs, insufficient tools and scattershot policies put your organization at risk. And the more data you have, the bigger the risks become.

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smart data protection

Smarter data protection


Put your policies at the center of your data protection strategy. Powered by a flexible policy management engine, Titus solutions enable you to align your data, people and technologies for a security-first approach to data protection.

Titus solutions help unify your data security program and optimize your data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security brokers (CASB) and other security investments.




Configure and manage your data security policies across your productivity tool set, devices, cloud and network infrastructure.


Control email flow to external recipients, track user activity, report on classification changes and password protect email attachments. 






End-to-end content protection


Enable your data security policies to be triggered automatically throughout your daily workflows.

Adapt to the changing needs of your organization and your people with a configurable policy management platform that allows you to set the rules.







Powerful policy manager — Create and manage policies that meet your business, compliance and privacy requirements.


Cross-platform support — Enable policy enforcement across all your productivity tools in mobile, on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.


Security-first approach — Provide users with guided policy alerts, suggested remediations and reminders.


Optimized security efforts — Leverage DLP, ERM, CASB and other technologies.

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