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Classify, Protect and Confidently Share

Data classification is the foundation of an effective information governance program. By classifying and protecting files on upload to the cloud from your desktop or mobile device, TITUS data classification and policy enforcement provide the foundation to enable secure cloud collaboration.

Identify the Business Value of Data

Empower your organization to make intelligent, deliberate decisions on how sensitive information is treated in the cloud. With support for automated, suggested, or user-driven classification, TITUS will identify, classify and protect the sensitivity and value of unstructured data.

Optimize Security Policies

Enhance security solutions with TITUS persistent metadata by enabling other tools, such as Cloud Access Security Brokers (Netskope, for example) to focus on the highest-risk areas. TITUS identifies sensitive data so that your security team can optimize security policies.

Extend Protection to Mobile Devices

Confidently upload files to cloud storage sites while on the move. With support for classification and Microsoft RMS protection policies, TITUS Classification for Mobile ensures your business information is securely shared with approved cloud services.



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