ITAR Compliance

Titus helps you meet International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) regulations

A flexible ITAR solution that keeps you compliant

Your business faces considerable challenges when implementing ITAR compliance programs for record keeping, including the tracking of ITAR-controlled items and technical data.

After all, it’s not really a question of if you should enforce your ITAR programs – companies that don’t are subject to large fines or imprisonment – but how.

Your business needs a cost-effective, interoperable ITAR compliance solution that’s flexible enough to work with your current systems of record and is easy to onboard.

Be proactive with ITAR requirements

ITAR regulations were created and are enforced by the U.S. government, and are meant to limit access to sensitive technical and military data for non-ITAR-cleared audiences. Organizations and their staff found in non-compliance risk significant fines, brand damage and lost business, and even imprisonment.

Titus ITAR solutions help aerospace companies, defense agencies, contractors, and suppliers who deal with ITAR protected information with easy-to-use, industry-leading tools that enable the efficient and secure sharing of sensitive information.

How Titus facilitates ITAR compliance

The Titus family of ITAR solutions work within current systems to help manage ITAR compliance by both labeling information and restricting access. Built on the Microsoft Office and SharePoint platforms, Titus ITAR solutions are easy to implement because most end users are already familiar with these environments.

Titus’s metadata-based SharePoint security solution restricts ITAR-controlled information only to personnel with proper clearance, while Titus desktop-based classification software provides an intuitive method of identifying, labeling and marking emails and documents.

Identify technical or other sensitive data

Discover and identify ITAR-controlled technical or PII data in emails, documents and files quickly and easily with user-driven, guided and automatic data identification. Titus automatically scans all your content and warns users if ITAR-restricted information is found.

Avoid data leakage

Features like safe recipient lists mean only ITAR-cleared recipients can receive ITAR-controlled information – even if they have the same name as someone who isn’t cleared. These controls automatically prevent common export violations, like when someone accidentally emails sensitive ordnance specs to an unauthorized user.

Optimize your existing security

Military units are most effective when they have good intel on what they’re protecting. The same goes for data loss prevention programs: you can boost the overall effectiveness of your entire security software stack by identifying and tracking all your sensitive data with Titus.

Audit and archive effectively

Titus solutions provide audit files that can help identify users breaking ITAR rules in emails and documents, along with providing proof that your organization has taken steps to prevent those violations. An ITAR-retention mailbox makes archiving and e-discovery a breeze.

Implement with ease

Introducing new software to hundreds if not thousands of staff can be a challenge, but not if it piggybacks on what’s already well known. Titus ITAR solutions are built on Microsoft Office and SharePoint, ensuring seamless employee uptake and minimal training.

Titus ITAR solutions are used by military and defense companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, BAE Systems, UCT, Xilinx, and Dow Corning.

Whether you’re still planning your ITAR compliance program, or if it’s already in place but needs better tools to be effective, Titus can help you deliver on business and compliance objectives.

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