Titus delivers data classification and protection to the financial industry

Classification solutions enable financial organizations to protect and confidently share information, enhance DLP and meet regulatory compliance requirements

MIAMI – (FS-ISAC Annual Summit) — The worldwide financial services market is subject to multiple data security threats, with one of the biggest compliance and reputational risks coming from employees misusing data. Today at FS-ISAC, Titus announced it is gaining momentum in the financial services market by delivering on its commitment to helping customers balance the need to share information to achieve their objectives with the need to protect information that is sensitive or critical to their organization.

Titus enhances data loss prevention for over 100 financial services customers around the world, including:

  • Provident Bank – With Titus, employees are able to easily and accurately apply classifications on a consistent basis in order to ensure that customer information is effectively protected.
  • Large North American financial institution – Sought a proven solution to enhance their data security best practices—specifically around the storing, handling and sharing of sensitive information – while improving employee awareness specific to data confidentiality and security.

Titus empowers users to take responsibility for data security:

    • Identify sensitive data in emails, documents and other file types at the time of creation—on the desktop, on mobile devices and in the Cloud—to help users make intelligent, deliberate decisions on how that information is handled.
    • Apply encryption and RMS to protect intellectual property, customer data and other sensitive information beyond organizational borders.

Meet compliance requirements by making users a key part of the strategy. Titus solutions are used by financial services organizations to help comply with regulations and standards such as PCI, SOX, FINRA, GLBA, EU GDPR, and ISO 27001 and 27002.

  • Collaborate securely by balancing information sharing with information protection. Titus data classification and policy enforcement enable secure collaboration from desktop to mobile device.
  • Detect insider threats by analyzing how users interact with sensitive information. As users work with email, documents and files, Titus logs meaningful activities for detailed reporting, analytics and threat detection.


Nathan Horn-Mitchem, VP and Information Security Officer, Provident Bank, said:

“For us, it is all about protecting customer information. When regulators see that we’re classifying with Titus, they are impressed that we can show with a high degree of confidence that email going out the door is protected. But more importantly, we can assure our customers that their sensitive financial information is safe.”

Tim Upton, founder and CEO, Titus said:

“The rich policy engine that drives Titus solutions provides financial institutions worldwide with the tools they need to identify and protect sensitive data, ensuring that users are always aware of the value of the information they are handling.”

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