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Protect Sensitive Data with Fortra and Digital Guardian

A data classification & encryption solution that protects sensitive data across a variety of platforms, devices, and environments.

Access and protect data with Titus and Dataguise (Solution Brief)

Titus and Dataguise address this need separately and collectively to offer you a comprehensive solution to address your most challenging business security needs.

Orchestrating data security through effective data identification

See how Titus' solutions helps businesses and organizations meet the challenges of data identification and security during COVID-19.

Fortra’s Data Classification Tools – Protect Data & Automate Security

Fortra's Data Classification tools deliver a policy-driven foundation for identifying, classifying, and securing sensitive data.

Palo Alto Networks and Titus (Solution Brief)

Learn how Titus and Palo Alto works together to help businesses deal with data loss prevention via email and data classification.

Fortra’s Data Classification Suite (DCS) for Windows

Learn more about Fortra’s Data Classification Suite for Windows and how it can help your organization comply with data protection regulations and secure your sensitive data wherever it lives.

Data at rest versus data at creation: It’s not a choice you should make – secure them both

Learn what types of technologies can help you solve your data identification needs in order to protect data both at rest and at creation.

GDPR compliance support that works for your business

Fortra’s Data Classification Suite provides a GDPR compliance solution to help ensure organizational regulatory compliance, while also allowing for a seamless user experience.

Fortra Data Classification

Fortra data classification software is a multi-platform data protection solution that can help your organization protect its sensitive data wherever it lives

Fortra Data Identification

As organizations today must comply with changing regulations and ensuring the security of their data, the identification of the sensitive data so critical to those processes remains a challenge.

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