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Titus policy engine brokers VERA encryption (Solution Brief)

Company policy might determine that a sensitive file, classified by Titus as Restricted, must be encrypted before it can be shared via email or stored in the Cloud. The Restricted classification triggers the Vera Client to automatically encrypt the file, without any input required by the user.

Identify Sensitive Data and Prevent Data Loss with Titus and Forcepoint (Solution Brief)

The persistent metadata associated with Titus classifications provides Forcepoint DLP additional details about the files, documents and emails. Download our joint solution brief to learn more.

Building and maintaining an IT security culture when everyone’s working remotely

Learn how building a culture of security amongst your remote workers is a critical part of a coherent IT security solution.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) enhances consumer protection and privacy for California residents by requiring business to be transparent and report breaches of data. As your trusted advisor, Titus can provide you with assistance to interpret future CCPA updates and ensure that you are updating your data protection policies accordingly to maintain compliance.


Learn how we help public sector organizations and government agencies with employees across agencies and departments accurately identify and classify data.

Powerful, flexible, intelligent Data Protection, Classification & Security Automation Tools

Our data classification tools deliver a policy-driven foundation for identifying, classifying, and securing sensitive data.

Lookout and Fortra’s Data Protection

Learn more about how Titus classification integrates with Lookout Cloud Security

Why ‘good enough” is no longer a data protection strategy

Learn how Titus and Palo Alto Networks can enhance your security ecosystem with a tailored, thorough data protection strategy.

Titus Identifiers for Privacy

Titus Identifiers for privacy uses machine learning to help organizations optimize privacy, decrease risk, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Identify and Protect Your Data at Rest

Learn how Titus solves the problem of data identification with a solution that scans and analyzes data at creation, in motion and at rest.

SIA IAS compliance support (Solution Brief)

Find out how Titus helps you meet the obligations of 54 key controls and subcontrols of the Information Assurance Standards (IAS) outlined by the UAE Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA) — formerly the National Electronic Security Authority (NESA).

Come together – stopping data breaches using people and systems

A good data classification system can play a foundational role to building a culture of security. Learn why it's vital to begin a phased approach.


Titus classifications can be leveraged by your entire data governance ecosystem to protect sensitive information within and beyond your borders.

CUI Compliance

Learn how our data classification solutions can help government agencies and contractors achieve CUI compliance.

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