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Comply with HIPAA

A health care data protection solution that protects patient privacy and helps organizations achieve regulatory requirements.

Are your Zoom meetings vulnerable to data leakage?

Data protection & video conferences, part I

Turn your users around

Learn how Titus helps users embrace the change needed to meet their data security needs.


Titus policy engine brokers VERA encryption.

CUI Compliance

Learn how our data classification solutions can help government agencies and contractors achieve CUI compliance.

Deploying effective data security & innovating for a frictionless future

Recorded on Monday, October 28, 2019 at the ISF Annual World Congress webinar, Joel Greenwell and Mark Cassetta discuss the importance of data protection and how machine learning and classification plays a role both today and tomorrow.

Why we must all think like the military to achieve true CUI compliance

Find out why it’s critical to properly recognize and apply standardized CUI markings in order to achieve compliance and avoid harsh penalties.

The first step toward GDPR compliance

Learn more about GDPR and how you can take the first step towards compliance.


Clearswift, a Fortra company, partners with Titus in providing data security solutions to its customers across the globe.

Is your data getting out of hand?

Learn why organizations struggle to create and deploy reliable processes for improving information handling and how Titus’ solutions gets them there.

How protected is your data?

Meet with one of our experts to assess your needs, and we'll walk you through our solution.

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