TITUS Announces Immediate Availability of Version 2.3 of Message Classification

OTTAWA - Today, TITUS International Inc. announced the release of the latest version of its Message Classification product for Microsoft Outlook. Message Classification V2.3 is focused on providing classification services for a number of other messaging oriented functions. Message Classification's optional support for Microsoft Word as the email editor for Outlook messages, often referred to as Wordmail, further enhances its reputation as the premier classification product for Microsoft Outlook.

Message Classification V2.3 now supports sending of classified email via the “Send to Mail” right click in Windows Explorer and from the “File - Send to Mail” menu selection in Microsoft Office applications thus providing classification services for messages invoked from within other Microsoft applications. V2.3 also supports classification of Calendar Appointments. When a user creates a new calendar appointment for themselves or for a group, the user can apply the classifications to the appointment which will then show up in the Calendar view.

For military or government customers dealing in classified material, V2.3 now supports an option for No Downgrade on a Reply or Forward. In the case where a user receives a message with classifications, and then Replies or Forward the message, the No Downgrade option can be used to Warn or Prevent the user from downgrading the existing classification.

In addition, Message Classification V2.3 creates classification metadata which can be used to search and sort within the Outlook Inbox. A customer's classification labels can be used to sort the Outlook Inbox in the same way as a user can sort their mail based on Received Date or Sender. This classification metadata will also appear when printing a Microsoft Outlook message.

"Our customers asked us to extend Message Classification to a number of scenarios besides the standard New Message scenario within Outlook.  Many customers wanted to extend Message Classification to provide classification services for Calendar requests, when sending files from within Microsoft Office applications, or when sending files directly from Windows Explorer" said Tim Upton, President of Titus. “The new version of Message Classification allows our customers to classify all of their messages, not just the ones sent directly from within Microsoft Outlook. ”

For more information or to download an evaluation version of TITUS Message Classification V2.3 go to our Message Classification home page...

Founded in 1994,  TITUS International Inc. is a software development and training organization focused on delivering security and policy management solutions. Our focus is on building policy management solutions for email, and valuable corporate documents. In addition our focus on email policy solutions has led us to offer specialized consulting and training services on the Microsoft Rights Management Services platform. Titus' Message Classification software allows enterprises to manage the classification, distribution and retention of email correspondence.

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