TITUS Announces that New Release of TITUS Message Classification Will Provide Full Support for Microsoft’s Windows Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)

OTTAWA - TITUS International Inc., a security consulting and software development organization focused on delivering policy management solutions for email, today announced that TITUS Message Classification, a premier classification and policy enforcement solution for Microsoft Outlook, will fully support the Windows Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) for Windows Server 2003 platform. Full support for AD RMS policies will be delivered in V2.4 of TITUS Message Classification which is expected to be generally available early in the second quarter of 2005.

Customers currently use the TITUS Message Classification v2.3 tool to tag messages with classification labels that can be read by content inspection tools at enterprise boundaries to trigger specific actions such as blocking, quarantining or archiving. TITUS Message Classification V2.3 currently supports the default AD RMS-enabled features supported in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, such as do-not-forward email. By adding support for generic AD RMS templates, TITUS Message Classification will be able to apply specific email policy targeted at specific groups of users. For example, applying a CONFIDENTIAL label using TITUS Message Classification could automatically limit the reading or forwarding of the email to within the company. Applying a label of HR PROJECT could automatically limit the distribution of email to those people working on the HR project. The labels and associated policy are completely customizable and will generally be defined by administrators.

"Many of our military, government and financial sector customers are asking us to build full support for AD RMS templates into the next release of the TITUS Message Classification product. These customers are planning to use TITUS Message Classification in conjunction with AD RMS to add additional security to their valuable email correspondence" said Tim Upton, President of Titus. “By simply selecting the proper classification label from a toolbar, TITUS Message Classification V2.4 will allow customers to control the distribution and forwarding of sensitive email.”

"Customers in the government, military and financial sectors are looking for solutions that allow them to extend message classification schemes with the capabilities that AD RMS provides to help protect sensitive email” said Piyush Lumba, Business Development Manager in the Security Business and Technology Unit at Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased that TITUS has decided to enhance their classification solution to support the capabilities of the AD RMS platform to help our mutual customers.”

TITUS Message ClassificationTM is a premier classification and policy enforcement software for Outlook that allows customers to manage the classification, distribution and retention of valuable corporate email. Designed for large enterprises, Message Classification allows users to insert labels related to email sensitivity, email retention, and email distribution. For more information on TITUS Message Classification, go to here

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