TITUS Announces MessageRights V2.5, the Most Powerful Member of the TITUS Family of Email Policy Management Tools

OTTAWA - TITUS, a software development organization focused on delivering policy management solutions for email, today announced the general availability of TITUS MessageRights V2.5. MessageRights builds upon the proven classification and policy management features of TITUS Message Classification. The most powerful member of the TITUS family of email policy management tools, MessageRights V2.5 provides enterprises the ability to effectively manage email, including the ability to restrict distribution of sensitive email. In addition, MessageRights provides several features that make it easier to deploy and use Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Rights Active Directory Management Services (AD RMS).

Via MessageRights powerful classification features, enterprises can categorize email for easy storage, search and retrieval. Building upon the classification features of the TITUS Message Classification product, MessageRights V2.5 adds several powerful new features including the ability to assign from a dynamic list of classification labels. Dynamic labels are based on Active Directory group membership. The classification labels available to a user at any given time depend on their membership in Active Directory groups. This feature makes it easy for users to attach project-based on case-based labels to their email for easy categorization.

In addition, by examining assigned email classifications, MessageRights can restrict the distribution of email to those that are authorized. MessageRights’ powerful whitelisting technology can optionally be turned on to ensure that sensitive email is only distributed to those with the proper privileges. Once a user assigns the appropriate classification labels to an email, for example CONFIDENTIAL / HR ONLY, MessageRights will verify the list of recipients before it is sent, ensuring that only those recipients that are authorized can receive the email.

MessageRights also adds several new features for military customers including the ability to classify attachments, apply declassification labels, and restrict distribution based on clearance.

AD RMS Integration

MessageRights provides full support for AD RMS templates allowing the customer to apply flexible AD RMS permissions based on the classification label selected in MessageRights. In addition, MessageRights provides whitelisting of AD RMS-enabled users. When this feature is turned on, users will only be able to send AD RMS-protected messages to other users that are enabled for AD RMS, thus avoiding situations where some users mistakenly send out AD RMS protected email to users who cannot read them. This is especially useful for customers doing a staged migration to AD RMS. MessageRights also provides a feature which can force all messages to be AD RMS-protected for certain users. This can be configured by administrators for users that require a high level of email protection.

"Many organizations have deployed document management systems that help manage the lifecycle of valuable corporate documents, but few customers have the ability to manage the lifecycle of valuable corporate email. MessageRights’ powerful classification features allow customers to apply relevant labels to all email and then decide on the proper distribution and retention of corporate email" said Charlie Pulfer, General Manager of Titus.

"Customers have told us that they are looking for solutions that provide them enhanced management capabilities to ease staged deployments of AD RMS. We are pleased that TITUS has enabled their MessageRights product to make it easier for our customers to deploy and effectively use the powerful protection features of AD RMS." said Piyush Lumba, Senior Product Manager in the Security Business and Technology Unit at Microsoft Corp.


At TITUS we work to help businesses to better manage and secure valuable corporate information. Our focus is on building policy management solutions that make it easier for IT administrators to protect and manage corporate correspondence including email and documents. For more information on TITUS go to http://www.titus.com.

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