TITUS Provides Total Solution for Australian Government Email Marking Requirements

OTTAWA - TITUS, a software development organization focused on delivering policy management solutions that make it easier to protect valuable email and documents, today announced that recently released products provide a total solution that meets all the mandatory requirements of the Australian government Email Marking Requirements as specified in the Defence Signals Directorate Information and Communications Technology Security Manual ACSI 33.

The Australian government Electronic Mail Protective Marking Policy specifies that Agencies must ensure that all agency-originated email that contain security classified information are marked with a protective marking that identifies the maximum classification and set of caveats for the information. In addition, Agencies must ensure that all agency-originated email that do not contain any classified information, are marked with an appropriate protective marking such as UNCLASSIFIED or PERSONAL. The TITUS Message Classification product V2.4 allows Australian government agencies to easily apply these classification and caveat markings to electronic mail, and can be configured to force all users to apply these markings before any email can be sent.

The policy also mandates that Agencies configure systems to prevent from leaving the agency any email that contain a valid protective marking that indicates that the content of the email exceeds the classification of the: a) receiving system, or b) the path over which the email would be transferred. The policy also recommends that Agencies should prevent unmarked email from being sent from a user’s computer. The recently released TITUS Rights Gateway provides server based policy enforcement that can be configured to block outgoing email based on rules that describe classification levels and destination domains. Using this rules engine, customers can ensure that email with a valid marking that exceeds the classification of the receiving system or the path of the email can be blocked and returned to the user. In addition, the Rights Gateway can be configured to prevent any unmarked email from leaving the organization.

"We have been working with the Australian government customers for almost two years and we are pleased to provide a total solution to the Email Marking Policy requirements with our recently released Message Classification and Rights Gateway products.” said Charlie Pulfer, General Manager of Titus.

TITUS Message Classification is the premier classification and policy enforcement software for Outlook that allows customers to manage the classification, distribution and retention of valuable corporate email. Designed for large enterprises, Message Classification allows users to insert labels related to email sensitivity, email retention, and email distribution. TITUS Rights Gateway is server-based policy enforcement software for Microsoft Exchange that allows customers to manage the distribution of valuable corporate email. Rights Gateway allows administrators to stop sensitive, confidential or classified information from being distributed to unauthorized individuals and domains. For more information on these TITUS products, go to http://www.titus.com.

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