TITUS Provides Guidance on Planned Support for Australian Email Protective Marking Standard

OTTAWA - TITUS, a provider of policy management software solutions that make it easier for IT administrators to protect and manage corporate correspondence including email and documents, today announced that the next release of TITUS Message Classification and TITUS Labs MessageRights will support the Internet Message Header Extension requirements of the recently released Email Protective Marking Standard for the Australian Government. 

The current release of Message Classification V2.4 already meets the requirements for marking of the subject line including a Caveat.  The current version of MessageRights V2.5 already meets the requirements for marking of the subject line including multiple caveats.

Support for the exact format of the x-Protective-Marking Internet Message Header Extension specification will be provided in the next release of Message Classification and MessageRights which are planned for delivery in late first quarter 2006 or early second quarter 2006.  This will provide full support for gateway interoperability and the ability to limit or block outgoing messages based on the x-Protective-Marking.

"We have several of our Australian government customers asking for support of the x-Protective-Marking feature so we have decided to make it a development priority for the next release.” said Charlie Pulfer, General Manager of Titus. "This should make us 100% compliant with the mandatory requirements of the standard".

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