TITUS Message Classification Selected by Australian Government Departments.

Software enables compliance with new government information security requirements

CANBERRA, Australia – November 2, 2005 – TITUS Inc., a provider of policy management software solutions that make it easier for IT administrators to protect and manage corporate correspondence, today announced that the Australian Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) and the Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH) are using Titus’ Message Classification software to comply with recently-issued Australian government information and communications security requirements.

The Australian Defense Signals Directorate recently updated the Information and Communications Technology Security Manual (ACSI 33), which specifies an Electronic Mail Protective Marking Policy for all Australian government agencies. The most recent policy specifies that all agency-originated email that contain security-classified information must include a protective marking that identifies the maximum classification and set of caveats for the information. In addition, agencies must ensure that all agency-originated email that do not contain any classified information are marked with an appropriate protective marking such as UNCLASSIFIED or PERSONAL.

Titus’ Message Classification allows Australian government agencies to comply with these policies and also enables agencies to force their users to apply these markings before sending any electronic mail. Message Classification also enables Australian government agencies to quickly configure or modify the classification markings for all of their users via Titus’ centralized administration tools that work with Microsoft Active Directory.

“We are pleased that our Message Classification product will help the Australian government agencies meet their important new security requirements,” said Charlie Pulfer, General Manager, Titus. “Our software provides security and compliance solutions for governments throughout the world that are increasingly concerned with issues related to secure information exchange, as this recent policy enacted by the Australian government proves.

“In addition to the DOTARS and DEH, we continue to work with a number of other Australian government agencies to enable them to also meet these policy requirements,” said Pulfer.

TITUS is closely monitoring the Australian government's activities regarding further regulations around email classification. The company plans to address any new policies on email classification in subsequent versions of its product release so as to be fully compliant with all email usage regulations.

Message Classification was developed by TITUS for large enterprises and is the premier classification and policy enforcement software for Microsoft Outlook that allows users to manage the classification, distribution and retention of valuable corporate email. Fully customizable, Message Classification is deployed by financial, military and government institutions throughout the world.


Founded in 2005, TITUS is a subsidiary of TITUS International Inc., where the Message Classification software was first developed. TITUS works to help businesses better manage and secure valuable corporate information by building policy management solutions that make it easier for IT administrators to protect and manage corporate correspondence, including email and documents.

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