TITUS Announces Support for the Microsoft Office 2007 system

Data classification and policy enforcement tool extends Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) in the new Office 2007 environment

Ottawa,Canada – February 28, 2007 – -- TITUS a provider of email and document classification software that enables large organizations to classify manage and control information; today announced a new version of its leading TITUS Message Classification software, Version 2.7, with support for Microsoft Office 2007 and the new ribbon user interface (UI). The new version of the email classification software will be available in the second quarter of 2007, and will be followed by a new release of Document Classification for Word that will also support Office 2007.

TITUS Message Classification 2.7 is a simple tool for Microsoft Outlook that gently enforces users to "classify" or "label" email and adhere to compliance with corporate policy. With the new Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon UI, users of version 2.7 will be better able to control the distribution of sensitive email.

TITUS Message Classification software assigns classification labels that enforce rules, policies, privileges, and configurations without compromising ease of use. Message classification is often tailored to provide email marking, email security, distribution control, and information retention solutions for customers. Features include forced classification, prevented downgrading of existing messages and integration with TITUS Document Classification for Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.

For customers using RMS, TITUS Message Classification allows administrators to associate classification levels with enforceable rights management policy. These policies can restrict the viewing, printing, copying or distribution of email. Titus' Message Classification provides the ideal front-end for enterprises deploying RMS. Using TITUS Message Classification with Microsoft RMS:

• Users need no prior knowledge of how to apply RMS; they simply select a classification from the TITUS toolbar.

 • Provides automatic policy enforcement of RMS permissions. RMS permissions are automatically applied based on administrator defined policy.

 • Can force the use of RMS on certain classes of documents and email.

“We are pleased that TITUS support for Office 2007 will further extend Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) to make it even easier for customers to protect email from unauthorized use. Now all e-mails can be RMS protected by a simple click from the user at the desktop.” said Tejas Dixit, Microsoft Identity and Access Partner Manager.

“Protection from internal threats, such as accidental or malicious disclosure of confidential information, is a major concern these days “said Tim Upton, President Titus. “Our email and document classification software is the defacto standard for data classification and policy enforcement to secure information and we are excited to launch this new version for Microsoft Office 2007”.

TITUS is the leading provider of email and document classification software solutions that make it possible for organizations to manage and control the flow of sensitive information inside and outside their enterprise and to meet policy and compliance requirements. TITUS Message Classification and Document Classification solutions allow companies in the military, government, financial services, and healthcare industries to label and share information securely. TITUS solutions help enterprises adhere to information security regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, NASD 2711, HIPAA and others.

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