TITUS Introduces Message Classification 2.7

Software enables government and private sector to safely and selectively share sensitive email, enforces security policy at end-user level.

Ottawa, Canada – June 25, 2007 –TITUS a provider of email and document classification software that increases user awareness to sensitive information, today announced the introduction of TITUS Message Classification software version 2.7. The company’s latest edition of this classification and content protection solution for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web App email communications, offers organizations a powerful way to enforce security policy, using email and document labels at the end-user level thereby ensuring sensitive or confidential information is appropriately handled.

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly dealing with a number of data security issues including intellectual property leakage, regulatory compliance, and data privacy, which make it increasingly important to implement ways~ to classify and protect content. While organizations as a whole often have security policies in place, individual users can easily breach these policies – inadvertently resulting in privacy or regulatory violations with negative impact on the organization including financial losses and damage to the organization’s reputation.

“Our customers need to be able to enforce security policy at multiple levels, starting with the end users who have the most insight into the level of sensitivity of the information they are dealing with,” said Tim Upton, President of Titus. “Message Classification 2.7 offers support for classification and content protection at the desktop to address this critical need while ensuring the protection of information in a broad range of important business scenarios. The product is as simple to use as spell-checking, enabling rapid adoption by users.”

Unlike some solutions which perform classification only at the server level, TITUS Message Classification software provides a simple and cost-effective solution to the problem of safely and selectively sharing sensitive information. TITUS Message Classification for Microsoft Outlook and OWA provides classification and labeling for email. The solution not only classifies and labels email, but applies markings that clearly identify the existence of confidential and private information, encourages proper handling of sensitive information for compliance and reduces the likelihood of inadvertent information leakage. The product is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Outlook Web App.

TMC 2.7 Features

TITUS Lab Message Classification 2.7 offers the following:

  • Trusted email domains – Enterprise Edition provides new checks and warnings to increase user awareness and enforce security policy at the desktop by checking email addressing against a list of trusted domains as well as providing warnings on high classifications and large recipient lists.
  • Support for Outlook 2007 – TMC 2.7 now supports the new Microsoft Office Ribbon Interface.
  • Support for Microsoft RMS - Full support of content protection and digital rights management technology via support for Microsoft’s RMS. RMS can be used to control viewing, cut/copy/paste, distribution, printing and retention of the e-mail.
  • Non visual metadata – Each email has non-visual metadata as a property which supports policy enforcement, and prevents users from taking actions such as downgrading classifications on a reply or forward. The metadata can also be used by filtering, archiving and retrieval solutions.
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office – Direct integration with Office application provides flexibility to organizations as to where visual markings are placed and how they look (e.g. font, color, size).
  • Integrated suite of Office products – TITUS also offers a document classification product and the two solutions are closely integrated. Office documents, classified using TITUS Labs Document Classification, are recognized by Message Classification 2.7 and any attachment classifications can be automatically reflected in the message body with no user intervention.

Partner Support for Message Classification 2.7

TITUS has built strong partnerships with other players in the market, which support the launch of this new offering.

“Message Classification works seamlessly with Marshal’s MailMarshal family to provide an integrated solution to help customers prevent leakage of confidential corporate information.” said Bradley Anstis, Director of Product Development at Marshal.

“Increasingly, customers are looking for information classification and content protection solutions to help manage and protect sensitive information,” said Tejas Dixit, Group Manager, Identity and Access Product Management, Microsoft Corp. “Message Classification’s integration with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) enables end-users to classify and content protect information to minimize inadvertent disclosure of valuable corporate information.”

“Message Classification 2.7 complements Quest archiving, auditing and management services for Microsoft Exchange,” said Jackson Shaw, Director Product Management Quest Software. “Quest Software’s Intrust security event management tool collects, stores and reports on Message Classification event logs providing enhanced corporate data security and compliance. This is a powerful example of how the Quest and TITUS products provide solutions for Microsoft Exchange customers.”

"TITUS Message Classification and Tablus Content Loss Prevention Suite combined enhance the detecting, remediating and reporting on a potential breach based on pre-defined labels applied to every email and document generated", says Vince Barboni, VP Business Development, Tablus. "We believe this combination of toolsets enforces user and corporate policy simultaneously - with no disruption to the user or enterprise. It is as close to automatic enforcement, as it comes."

“Information classification is a key component of BearingPoint’s approach to Risk, Compliance and Information Security services. Products such as TITUS Message Classification help our clients enhance proper handling of information and improve their overall risk profile.” - Peter Robinson, Senior Manager, Information Security -Financial Services, BearingPoint

Pricing and Availability

TMC 2.7 is available immediately through TITUS and our authorized resellers. The product is available in two editions – Standard, and Enterprise. List pricing is $22.95 USD for the Standard Edtion, and $34.95 USD for the Enterprise Edition per user.

About Titus

TITUS is the leading provider of email and document classification software solutions that make it possible for organizations to manage and control the flow of sensitive information inside and outside their enterprise and to meet policy and compliance requirements. TITUS Message Classification and Document Classification solutions allow companies in the military, government, financial services, and healthcare industries to share information securely. TITUS solutions help enterprises adhere to information security regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, NASD 2711, HIPAA and others. Based in Ottawa, Canada, TITUS is privately held. For more information on the company visit us at www.titus.com.

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