Department of Energy Nevada Office Site Selects TITUS for Information Risk Management

Email and Document Classification solution to be rolled out in the coming weeks to ensure trusted site groups in response to DOE National Security System Manual

Atlanta, GA (DOE Information Management Conference and Expo), March 17, 2008 - TITUS Inc., today announced that the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Nevada Test Site Office has purchased TITUS Message Classification (TMC) and TITUS Document Classification (TDC) solutions. The organization will be using the solution for information risk management forcing data classification to prevent a consequence of loss including serious damage to National security.

DOE Nevada has selected TITUS in response to the recently issued National Security System Manual DOE M 205.1-4, and in accordance with the US Department of Energy (Office of the Chief Information Officer). With the new messaging and document classification solutions, DOE Nevada Test Site Office will be able to make sure they are meeting the new requirements of the directive and not violating information protection rules, thereby ensuring no fines are imposed. This new set of requirements holds DOE to a high standard or level of accountability with specific controls and marking classification requirements.

The NTS has identified the classification of messages and documents as a key priority to ensure compliance with this directive. Titus’ solutions promote a comprehensive and uniform approach to information management including the process for trusted site groups.

TITUS Message and Document Classification solutions deliver the following benefits:

  • Confidentiality and Integrity: National security information must be categorized based on the most sensitive information group contained in the data.  DOE Nevada Test Site users will now be able to execute these classifications at the user level, have trusted site groups access information and apply visual labels and metadata to prevent data loss.
  • Information Protection and Access Control: The TITUS classification system will enable DOE Nevada Test Site Office to adhere to Protection Index 3 (PI-3) for Confidential Restricted Data and PI-4 for Secret Restricted Data. With this solution, users will be applying user based classification labels to every email and document before they can be sent, saved or printed. It also includes permissions to authorize or deny access, and enforce Discretionary Access Control (DAC) security policy based on user identity and group membership. This ensures, for example, a Secret document is not inadvertently or maliciously emailed unclassified or to unauthorized recipients.

 “Our solution ensures consistent and persistent visual labels to classify data while providing metadata to improve archival, records management and compliance,” said Gary DeCock, Director of Federal Business Development, Titus. “For records managers, information security officers (ISOs), technical security officers, facility chief information officers, and Freedom of Information Act officers, TITUS offers a deployable, intuitive and affordable classification solution.”

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