Dow Corning Selects TITUS Labs Message Classification to Help Protect Intellectual Property

Formal classification system with handling directives improves records management and enforces policy for compliance

Boston, MA (AIIM International Expo and Conference, Booth # 2866), March 4, 2008 – TITUS Inc. today announced that Dow Corning has deployed the TITUS Message Classification solution to assign a business value to information in email. The email labelling solution was deployed to help protect intellectual property, improve records management and enforce corporate policy.

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicon-based technology selected TITUS Message Classification in order to provide a clear consistent global standard for handling email information with the application of labels.  Dow Corning can now make it easy for employees to share information while following the company’s security policy which dictates how intellectual property must be protected by using the TITUS Labs Message Classification solution.

“We selected the TITUS solution based on its ease of use and the fact that it integrates seamless into people’s workflow when sending an email,” said Mark Gandy, Enterprise Architect, Dow Corning. “We had to be realistic about user adoption with any solution we chose to deploy and the TITUS offering is built to ensure that classification is as easy to use as spell check.  There’s no real training costs, and the ease of management, scalability and integration with our existing IT assets, means we were able to keep total costs to a minimum.”

TITUS Labs Message Classification toolbar enables Dow Corning employees to assign a business value to email while providing the enterprise full corporate control with consistent labelling worldwide for compliance. The help button in the TITUS software provides detailed descriptions of policy in local languages and labels have become a global icon for understanding how to handle information.

Differentiating information value in email provides a superstructure for risk management based decisions. “Dow Corning selected TITUS Messaging Classification based on the product’s proven ability to protect innovation and business strategies while maintaining accountability for compliance,” said Tim Upton, President Titus. “The key to effectively enforcing security policy is user understanding and acceptance, our solution is designed to be dead simple to use to ensure that end users classify every email before hitting send.  We are looking forward to the next phase of the project when Dow Corning rolls out TITUS Document Classification to add the power of classification to all of their Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.”

The Message Classification solution works with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for Windows Server 2003 to help customers apply persistent enforcement of policies which protect information stored in applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and other Rights Management enabled applications.

“We are pleased that Dow Corning has decided to enhance their message classification schemes through Titus’ classification and policy enforcement solution,” said Wayne Phillips, Worldwide Manager, Microsoft Defence Solutions. “Through its support of Office 2007 features and Windows RMS for the Windows Server 2003, the Document Classification software allows for the classification, distribution and retention of valuable email, meeting the security needs of business, public safety, and military organizations.”


TITUS is the leading provider of email and document classification software solutions that make it possible for organizations to manage and control the flow of sensitive information inside and outside their enterprise and to meet policy and compliance requirements.  TITUS Message Classification and Document Classification solutions allow companies in the military, government, financial services, and healthcare industries to share information securely. TITUS solutions help enterprises adhere to information security regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, NASD 2711, HIPAA and others. Based in Ottawa, Canada, TITUS is privately held. For more information on the company visit us at

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