TITUS Labs Releases Message Classification Web Access 3.0

Preventing Email Slips in the Outlook Web App (OWA) environment.

Ottawa, ON – May 20th, 2009 – TITUS, a leading provider of email and document classification software, today announced the release of TITUS Message Classification (TMC) Web Access 3.0. This new offering delivers numerous enhancements that enable organizations to enforce their labeling policy, protect against data leakage, and make users accountable for proper information handling when using the Outlook Web App (OWA) environment. TMC 3.0 Web Access prevents the viewing of confidential email and documents in public places and prevents users from sending internal email to external recipients.

Increasingly, organizations enable their employees to access email from remote locations through Web browsers. While convenient for users, mobile access can make organizations more vulnerable to data leakage. TITUS addresses this challenge, by allowing enterprise customers to force their users to classify email at the time of creation. Data classification enables administrators within the organization to understand the information business value and manage the content appropriately.

The New TITUS Message Classification Web Access™ 3.0 brings the familiar features of TITUS Message Classification for Outlook to the Outlook Web App (OWA) environment. The solution ensures the classification of all OWA messages, and enforces policy based on the message classification and associated metadata. One of the key enhancements of this version is the trusted domains feature.

With trusted domains organizations can prevent users from sending sensitive email to domains that are not specifically trusted. Trusted Domains ensures that recipients are in approved email domains for the selected classification.  For example, a trusted domain policy could specify that INTERNAL USE ONLY email should only be sent to employees within the organization, guaranteeing internal email and documents remain internal.

With TITUS Message Classification for Web Access:

  • Users require little or no knowledge of regulatory marking standards to apply uniform, consistent, and comprehensive markings.
  • Labels are completely configurable. Administrators can update the classification configuration at any time, and push it out instantly to users.
  • Users can be forced to apply classifications to email, calendar appointments, and tasks. This enables organizations to enforce marking implementation guidelines.

“Remote access to email is a necessity for most organizations but it requires a new level of protection.” said Charlie Pulfer, Vice President Product Management Titus. “Internal email should not leave the organization but often administrators are unsable to control email once it is accessed via the Web. Our latest release enables organizations to extend existing email security policies to all communications regardless of their location for greater productivity and security.”

Learn More about Trusted Domains

Watch how TITUS Message Classification 3.0 Web Access can help to ensure that internal email remain internal with the brief video

Pricing and Availability
TITUS Message Classification is currently available, with pricing including server fee $5995 USD + Client License $11 USD/user with volume discounts. The offering is available through TITUS and its authorized reseller partners. The Message Classification for Web Access product is supported on the Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 platforms.

About Titus

TITUS is the leading provider of email and document classification software solutions that make it possible for organizations to manage and control the flow of sensitive information inside and outside their enterprise and to meet policy and compliance requirements. TITUS Message Classification and Document Classification solutions allow companies in the military, government, financial services, and healthcare industries to share information securely. TITUS solutions help enterprises adhere to information security regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, NASD 2711, HIPAA and others. Based in Ottawa, Canada, TITUS is privately held. For more information on the company visit us at www.titus.com.

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