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Prevent Mobile Data Loss with TITUS and AirWatch

As mid- to large-sized organizations transition away from a fleet of corporate-owned BlackBerry devices towards a mixed environment of iOS and Android, the need for a reliable Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution becomes essential. In bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments in particular, an all-encompassing EMM solution is vital to ensuring that enterprise data that is stored and accessed from a mobile device is properly secured. Over the past several months, TITUS has been working to ensure that, given this increased importance of EMM solutions, our mobile apps work seamlessly with solutions such as AirWatch.

A key benefit of TITUS Classification for Mobile’s integration with AirWatch is the simplification of the initial setup. When users download the TITUS Mail and TITUS Docs apps, AirWatch will automatically complete the configuration, sparing users the need to manually enter authentication details. Once installed, the TITUS apps and data are secured within the AirWatch container. As with any other AirWatch secured app, access to the TITUS apps requires users to authenticate using their AirWatch PIN.

TITUS Classification continues to be recognized as a foundational tool in information security strategies – whether it is enhancing DLP, invoking encryption or information rights management (IRM), or complying with cybersecurity regulations that emphasize the importance of data classification. It is essential that organizations provide this same protection for mobile email as well. Roughly one in every four employees are using smartphones and tablets as their primary work device, which is another way of saying about 25% of all emails and documents being created and shared are at a greater risk of loss. TITUS Classification for Mobile extends the classification policies and protection that our customers use on the desktop to provide a uniform experience across different mobile platforms. Our integration with AirWatch ensures a seamless and secure EMM experience.

Remember, all it takes is a simple email address auto-complete error by a busy mobile employee for sensitive internal information to fall into the hands of the wrong contact. With TITUS Classification for Mobile within your AirWatch environment, you can prevent these data leaks!

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