Introduction – The Titus Vera Integration

Employees send emails, create documents, and upload files to internal servers and cloud applications every day, and the volume of data is growing exponentially. How can you ensure that sensitive data remains secure without burdening your end users with time-consuming and confusing workflows?

Titus and Vera by Fortra integrate to provide an end-to-end solution to help organizations find, categorize, secure, and track the data they have. The data classification Titus provides, combined with Vera’s encryption, digital rights management, and data protection, enables employees to work and collaborate more freely, both internally and externally, without having to worry about understanding what is or is not confidential and what needs to be encrypted.

Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru can help your organization:
  • Automatically encrypt emails based on a selected classification value
  • Store encryption keys in a location of choice, providing a more secure and configurable solution
  • Get greater visibility into who is accessing data both inside and outside the organization
  • Provide users and groups Rights Management access with clearly defined conditions, which can be modified at any time
  • Integrate with, and enhance, downstream security solutions
  • Use Machine Learning to identify data and enforce policies more accurately and efficiently
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Some data encryption challenges

  • Encryption keys: Many encryption solutions require organizations store encryption keys in the vendor’s cloud – a potential back door into the encrypted data.
  • Hard to use: Poor usability and interrupted workflows leads to low adoption rates.
  • External recourse: No capability to revoke the access rights from users when they are no longer authorized to access the encrypted data.
  • Closed ecosystems: : Limited integration options with other security products, e.g., DLPs and CASBs.

Combining data classification and encryption

Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru combines data classification and encryption into a single solution to facilitate secure collaboration that works the way users do – across platforms and devices whether on premise, in the cloud or within hybrid environments. Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru offers significant business value for organizations:
  • Protect sensitive data in emails and files by enforcing policy standards that travel with the data no matter how, or where the data is shared.
  • Apply access controls to identify and secure emails and files in the cloud and meet mandatory compliance standards.
  • Extend and scale your data protection ecosystem by simply connecting Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru to other solutions within your organization for cross-platform data sharing.
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Features & benefits

These are just some of the features of our solution as part of a comprehensive data protection strategy:

Ease of use

Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru uses machine learning to more accurately identify data, suggest the appropriate level of classification, and enforce policy.

Encryption key

Choose where to store your encryption keys – on premise or in the cloud – to ensure the solution meets your business needs.

Data access visibility

See who has access your data inside and outside of the organization. Create dashboards to track this information for regulatory compliance and due diligence.

Controlled data

Allow users and groups specific access under clearly defined conditions, driven by policy. This access can be modified or revoked at any time, ensuring the right information is only ever in the hands of the right people.

Open ecosystem

Integrates easily with DLPs and CASBs to create a seamless, effective, and easy-to-use data protection solution.

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