Canadian Department of National Defence Keeps Email and Documents Secure with Titus

Learn how Titus Message Classification and Titus Classification for Office are a cornerstone in national security.

With national defence and international security a top priority in the current climate, ensuring emails and documents are handled properly is extremely important. As the world’s most security conscious organizations, the military are leaders in setting new standards for information security around the globe.

Organizational Profile

The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) and Canadian Forces provide the core services and capabilities required to defend Canada and Canadian interests within the national security community.

Business Situation

With personnel deployed across Canada and around the world, there is a high volume of highly sensitive data travelling via email and housed in documents. As with most military organizations, DND adheres to a classification system for all communications to determine how information should be handled and who can access data.


DND had long ago recognized the importance of protecting data, and had been using two other products to handle classification of sensitive information. These products, however, were ineffective in meeting their needs and the search began for a more effective replacement product.


DND required an enterprise-wide solution to ensure that emails and documents were handled according to the organization’s pre-determined information classification structure. The team wanted a solution that would seamlessly integrate into their existing infrastructure based on Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Office®, and was simple to use and maintain. Following a comprehensive review of available technology and government contacting requirements, DND selected a ‘made-inCanada’ solution from Ottawa-based Titus™. The Department of National Defence purchased and deployed 90,000 licenses of Titus Message Classification™ and an additional 13,000 licenses of Titus Classification™ for Microsoft Office.


Utilizing Titus classification solutions enables DND to apply consistent labeling on emails across the organization, contributing to the overall security of highly sensitive information. In addition, DND is using Titus classification solutions for mobile devices to ensure proper information protection and labeling on both BlackBerry and Windows-based smartphones. For documents, Titus Classification for Microsoft Office allows individuals throughout DND to classify Microsoft Office documents, helping to reinforce the value of data and clearly specify how it should be handled.

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