Identify and protect data at rest with Titus Illuminate

Titus Illuminate helps you discover and identify your data at rest so you can apply classifications, including persistent metadata to secure your most valuable data.

The speed of data creation continues to increase, and that means the volume of data at rest is growing exponentially. With more people accessing and storing files in a multitude of network and cloud repositories, your sensitive data could be just about anywhere. Titus Illuminate helps you discover and identify your data at rest so you can apply classifications, including persistent metadata to secure your most valuable data.

How Illuminate works

Illuminate scans file storage, including on-premise file shares, Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox. It examines and automatically classifies the data it discovers, ensuring appropriate data protection is applied. As it scans files, Illuminate gathers extensive information about each file, building a data inventory for you to run analytics to identify risk areas.

Enhance your security ecosystem with data identification and classification

Titus metadata can be leveraged by other security solutions, such as data loss prevention (DLP), digital rights management (DRM), cloud access security brokers (CASB), and next generation firewalls to enforce the data protection policies you’ve defined.

Titus Illuminate helps you discover where your data is, how to define it, who has access to it, and how to protect it


  • Protect files with encryption and remediation options
  • Analyze results to better understand your data with new and improved eporting capabilities
  • Enhance the ability of DLP, DRM, and other security solutions to apply the appropriate controls based on classification
  • Smart REGEX delivers a faster and more accurate detection of regular expressions
  • Train a model and deploy automated categorization powered by Machine Learning to identify and protect company-unique data like intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Integrates with HelpSystem’s DRM solution, Vera, to encrypt sensitive data using Vera policies based on content and context
Key Feature Benefit
Usability Intuitive and simple user interface allows for efficient use
Discover and protect data at rest By identifying and classifying data at rest, organizations can engage the entire ecosystem of information security products. Illuminate enhances the ability of DLP, DRM, and various other security solutions to apply the proper security controls based on the classification
Reporting View details of a specified scan such as file size, type, number of files for selected scan, original classification, and any applied classifications that your employees are using to classify data
Performance monitoring While performing a scan, Illuminate displays how many files are being process per second/minute using Windows Performance Monitor. Operators can view the Performance Monitor counters to determine when a scan is complete, or if there is a task that requires the operator’s attention
Regulatory compliance Illuminate can apply metadata and detect content on data at rest, allowing enterprises to prove regulatory compliance. When used with third-party encryption and DRM software, enterprises can demonstrate use of best-of-breed technology and best practices with regards to regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, CUI, and the protection of personal data
Security enablement Illuminate can apply additional layers of security, such as automatic encryption, to your most valuable
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