Classify to Reduce Mobile Data Loss

Learn how mobile email classification can help protect your sensitive information from leaking.

With the increased use of mobile technologies, it is more difficult than ever to secure sensitive information. Employees can send or upload sensitive information from their mobile devices, often beyond the control of corporate IT. Data leakage via mobile email has serious repercussions in regulated industries such as health, finance, and aerospace where unintentional disclosure of sensitive information can lead to lawsuits, large fines, damaged reputation, and loss of customers.

The Solution: Classification of Mobile Email

Organizations can gain control of their sensitive information with classification. Both desktop and mobile email should be classified to ensure that sensitive information is recognized regardless of where the email originates. With Titus Classification for Mobile, users can classify email sent from mobile devices, and in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Transport Rules, organizations can ensure that sensitive information is not sent to the wrong recipients within or outside of the business.

Titus Classification for Mobile helps organizations:

  • Classify email and documents across all devices
  • Prevent mobile data loss
  • Protect business documents in a secure container
  • Comply with classification regulations
  • Collaborate securely via Microsoft® SharePoint® and Cloud storage
  • Control document sharing via upload, email, print, copy, or other apps
  • Identify where it is safe to store information within Box
  • Extend Microsoft RMS® to mobile devices
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