Enhancing Security Automation

Learn how Fortra’s Data Classification Suite provides tools to remove these concerns by adding context to data so your security ecosystem can be better equipped to make accurate and effective data security decisions.

How Fortra detects data

Fortra’s Data Classification Suite provides a range of data detection methods, which, when used in conjunction, build the most robust security programs available.

Fortra’s Data Detection Engine for Privacy Solution

Fortra’s Data Detection Engine is a solution that helps organizations accurately identify personal identifiable information (PII) and offer suggestions for, or even automatically determine, how to handle such information.

Fortra for Regulatory Compliance

Learn how Fortra solutions are flexible enough to enable organizations at any stage in their privacy protection journey to comply with all regulations.

Data Classification for Box

This Solution Brief describes how Titus empowers enterprises to make intelligent, deliberate decisions about how to handle sensitive information uploaded to or stored in Box.

Creating a Culture of Security

Read the solution brief to learn why organizations embrace Titus to transform their security culture and set the foundation for their information protection strategy program.

How protected is your data?

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