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Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Prudential Standard CPS 234

Learn how the Titus platform supports compliance with the APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234 for information security.

Turn your users around

Learn how Titus helps users embrace the change needed to meet their data security needs.

Titus Data Classification

Titus data classification software is a multi-platform data protection solution that can help your organization protect its sensitive data wherever it lives

Security Automation

Learn how our solution makes your security ecosystem smarter and acts as your corporate policy broker to provide consistent protection.

Fortra Acquires Leading Data Classification Providers to Bolster Security Business

Fortra Acquires Leading Data Classification Providers to Bolster Security Business. Read the press release for more information.

SIA IAS compliance support (Solution Brief)

Find out how Titus helps you meet the obligations of 54 key controls and subcontrols of the Information Assurance Standards (IAS) outlined by the UAE Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA) — formerly the National Electronic Security Authority (NESA).

Why Pair Data Classification with DRM for End-to-End Data Security

The Vera-Titus integration provides an end-to-end solution to help organizations identify, categorize, analyze, secure, and track the data they have. This enables employees to work and collaborate more freely, without having to worry about understanding what is and what is not confidential.

Titus Encryption

A data classification & encryption solution that protects sensitive data across a variety of platforms, devices, and environments.

Fortra Acquires Terranova Security to Aid Global Customers in Building Localized Employee Security Awareness Training

Terranova Security helps users spot email phishing attempts and other cyberattacks through education and simulation available in 40+ languages

Why ‘good enough” is no longer a data protection strategy

Learn how Titus and Palo Alto Networks can enhance your security ecosystem with a tailored, thorough data protection strategy.

Titus Intelligent Data Protection (Datasheet)

Titus Intelligent Protection, powered by machine learning, protects your sensitive information by enabling people and technology to work smarter, not harder. Download our datasheet to learn more.

Personal data protection in 2018 and beyond: Q&A with Doug Snow

Learn how to successfully achieve sustained GDPR compliance and get tips for data discovery and mapping as part of your data security program.

Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX) Brochure

Learn more about Canada’s not-for-profit, private sector cyber threat sharing hub and collaboration centre.

Safeguarding patient health information in the age of COVID-19

As telehealth goes mainstream and more patient data is collected, patient privacy risks escalate

Titus Illuminate 2020 lowers major barriers to data privacy compliance

Advanced identification and integration with Titus Accelerator for Privacy automates protection of unstructured data stored on-premises or in the cloud.

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