What are NATO STANAGs and why do they matter?

In the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), STANAG is short for “Standardization Agreement”.

STANAGs are a set of NATO standards that define various processes, procedures, and even specifications for military hardware meant to ensure interoperability between the alliance’s 29 member countries, 40 partner countries, and numerous partner organizations.

Because information sharing is vital for a healthy and battle-ready military organization, NATO has developed a set of classification markings and conventions – STANAGs 4774 and 4778, in particular, which deal with metadata – that permit the sharing of sensitive information between allies.

STANAG 4774, for example, calls for common XML-based formats for metadata around confidential information.

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The challenge

Although all NATO members have agreed to abide by its classification and information sharing rules, successfully implementing such a program on a country-by-country basis has proven difficult. Without a tool to automatically enforce classifications and markings users often apply them inconsistently and incorrectly, making effective information-sharing challenging at best.

Organizations need tools that use metadata to automatically provide access controls and consistent, visible markings, helping users from any NATO member country easily and intuitively work with data from any other member country

The solution

Titus data protection solutions enable NATO member countries, partner countries and partner organizations to automatically apply consistent markings and access controls that fully comply with STANAG regulations, appropriately safeguarding critical information while making it available across the organization.

How Titus facilitates STANAG compliance

Information sharing between allies is vital – but not if it simply creates more confusion. Staying on the same page isn’t easy, however, when you’re dealing with dozens of other countries.

That’s why it’s imperative that all entities in defense ecosystem use the same processes and procedures when classifying sensitive data.

Tools that follow a standardized system based on sensitivity of information, like Titus Military Classification, help lower the potential of compromised information that could threaten national security.

Titus is a leader in document marking and metadata technologies for government and military organizations, offering a fully customizable data protection solution that can literally be a lifesaver when sharing time-sensitive military information.

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Apply STANAG-compliant markings

Automatically add STANAG-compliant visual markings to email and documents. Configure Titus to add STANAG banners and portion markings in email and documents, ensuring consistency and compliance within the STANAG framework.

Unlimited and trusted labelling

Unlimited classification label options ensure you have the flexibility to implement STANAGs or any other regulations, while Signed Trusted Labels through digital signatures provide a higher level of assurance that labels haven’t been tampered with.

Protect from disclosure

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive military information. Titus can apply special handling rules and dissemination controls to STANAG-marked documents, including clearance checking, redaction of sensitive information, and automated encryption.

Automatic PII detection

Titus automatically detects and warns users when handling email and documents containing Social Security Numbers, health information, credit card numbers, and other personal data.

Optimize security solutions

Easily integrate Titus with existing security investments through our vast network of technology partners, or take advantage of Titus’ extensibility to build custom integrations.

Keep metadata consistent

Titus stores classifications as persistent metadata, allowing organizations to customize XML formats to meet STANAG requirements and providing a common language between member countries.

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Learn more about Titus and STANAG compliance

See how Titus ensures STANAG compliance while enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your data protection program, download our solution brief on proven strategies to identify and protect technical data.

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