Extending data classification from desktop to mobile devices

Titus is partnering with BlackBerry, a trusted security software and services company that provides enterprises and governments with technology solutions centered on artificial intelligence, endpoint security and management, encryption, and embedded systems.

Titus Classification Suite (available for BlackBerry customers on the BlackBerry Marketplace), extends data classification and data security policies from the desktop to mobile devices operating in a BlackBerry Works environment.

See it in action:

How it works:

  • BlackBerry Work users classify the email manually, using their contextual knowledge of the sensitivity of the information
  • Titus Classification Suite users classify their emails in Outlook, using a combination of technologies, e.g., manual, system suggested, or fully automated (powered by machine learning)
  • Existing classifications will be retained in email message threads as users move from mobile to desktop environments
  • BlackBerry Works, available for iOS & Android, supports two forms of visual markings:
    Subject Labeling
    Body Tagging
Titus classification on phone screenshot example

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