Titus Message Classification 3.3 Released

We’re very proud to announce the release of Titus Message Classification 3.3 today, including new one click classification and redaction capabilities.

The Titus Message Classification product is a fantastic way to improve awareness of security policy inside organizations. Instead of referring users to unwieldy policy documents you can give them immediate feedback on potential violations or risks in the context of an email they’re trying to send – before it becomes a liability! This approach is a powerful complement to corporate data leakage prevention (DLP) efforts.

Some of the new features in various editions of Titus Message Classification 3.3 related to security awareness and DLP include:

  • One Click Classification: Enables users to classify, mark, and protect their email and documents with only one mouse click. To select a classification, users simply click a button on the Titus ribbon group or toolbar. Administrators can even provide a default classification so that users require zero clicks for the majority of their email correspondence.
  • Content Review: Visually highlights any potential policy violations within an email so that the user can identify and fix the problem before the message leaves the desktop.
  • Redaction: Part of the Content Review process, allows users to black out sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), when creating or forwarding an email.
  • Restricted Domains: Identifies any recipients who are on the organization’s blacklist for certain email domains, such as specific countries to which the organization does not want to send sensitive information.
  • Help Tooltips: Provides additional classification help when a user hovers over a classification label in the task pane, toolbar, Select dialog, or One Click Classification interface.
  • Multi-language Label Mapping: Automatically displays classification labels in the user’s preferred language when opening and replying to email.
  • Attachment Checking: Provides enhancements to the attachment checking feature, including support for checking the classification of embedded email, and support for using an attached document’s filename to determine the appropriate email classification.

In addition to the above new functionality we have extended platform support from Office 2003 and Office 2007 to also include 32 and 64-bit editions of Office 2010. A full list of enhancements and fixes is in the release notes.

The Titus Message Classification sister product Titus Document Classification also has a new 3.3 version today and my colleague Antonio has blogged about its implementation of One Click Classification.

In my next post I’ll dig into redaction in more detail.

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