Opening up new insights with the TITUS Reporting Module

Hotels:  They’re in every city across the planet.  There’s no way to know how many exist, but estimates have been attempted and range from 20 million to 60 million worldwide.

We’ve all stayed in a hotel at some point in our lives, for pleasure or work, perhaps more often than we’d like.  Let’s be honest with each other; there has been an occasion where a hotel linen, robe or pillow has made its way into our luggage.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  We’ve all done it.  Whether they jumped in there on their own, or you mistook them for the white linens that you ‘brought from home’, it happens.

Well, I recently heard that some hotels have embedded RFID tags into all of their linens which can track their whereabouts.  Now, before you run over to check your white linens in the closet, I should mention that they haven’t installed these tags for the reason you may be thinking.  The RFID tags allow hotels to track the movement of their linens, not to prevent theft, but rather to gain insight from the flow of their assets.  By generating reports on the movement of their linens, hotels are able to continuously monitor and analyze their linens as they traverse through their network of laundry chutes, laundry machines, linen closets, and even pool-side cabinets.  Through these reports, they can measure the effectiveness of their linen handling.  This allows them to manage their linens more efficiently, reduce overhead, and extend the life of their existing linens, as a result, saving many thousands of dollars per year.

TITUS solutions involve the most important part of information security; the end-user.  With users taking part in an organization’s security strategy, organizations can ensure every email, document, and file throughout their organization is classified, visually marked, and infused with security information.  For every action a user takes, whether it is the classification of certain information, the sending of that information, or a response to a security policy, TITUS software is able to log these actions.  These logs are chock-full of valuable security information about the flow of your organizations’ information.  But how does an organization unlock this valuable information?

Just announced 2 weeks ago, the TITUS Reporting Module allows organizations to report on the security of their most valuable asset, their information.  With this module, organizations can open up new insights using their TITUS log files.  This module not only allows organizations to visually see the security of their information, it also allows organizations to act on that information.  Going back to the hotel linens example, the TITUS reporting module isn’t just for pinpointing security offenders; the value of reporting on TITUS logs is much richer than that.

With the TITUS Reporting Module, organizations can:

  • Gain more insight into the flow of their information
    • By capturing TITUS logs in an easy to consume dashboard, organizations can quickly understand more about the use of information by their users and the level of compliance to security policies.  The reports captured in this dashboard allow for easy communication of security information with management and colleagues.
  • Monitor and analyze user behaviours
    • With the ability to continually report on TITUS log files, organizations are able to rapidlyidentify possible suspicious trends or threats and audit user activity for potential data leaks.  Automatic alerts can trigger notifications when security thresholds are reached, or when suspicious trends arise, giving organizations up-to-the-minute visibility.
  • Measure the effectiveness of security policies
    • With clear visibility and understanding of the TITUS logs, and subsequently how users have adopted security policies, organizations can perfect their security policies in order to improve the effectiveness, and the level of compliance throughout the organization.

With tailored TITUS dashboards, organizations can gain more insight into the flow of their information, monitor and analyze user behaviours, and can measure the effectiveness of their security policies.  In doing so, organizations can ensure that their information is compliant, protected, and safe.

If you’d like more information on how TITUS solutions can get your users involved in your organization’s information security , please use the coordinates on our Contact Us page to let us know.

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