Top Data Security Blog Posts for 2011: Data Classification, Mobile Security, Data Security and Compliance, Data Loss Prevention, and Cloud Data Security

As 2011 draws to a close, I thought it would be interesting to provide a list of the most popular data security articles on this blog. Here are the topics and articles that were most popular with our readers:

1) Data Classification

More and more commercial organizations have started to see data classification as the foundation of their information protection strategy. We wrote several articles about this trend, including an article that described how to implement a data classification policy in 5 simple steps, and an article that recommended best practices for defining a data classification scheme. Readers were also interested in how to use classification software to bulk classify, mark, and label large numbers of files.

2) Mobile Security

Mobile security has become a hot topic, especially with the trend toward consumerization of mobile devices. To help customers navigate the options, we wrote an article about mobile security for the iPhone and iPad Platforms. This article also discussed various email security features for BlackBerry devices.

Readers also continue to be interested in security for webmail. In a popular two-part series, we discussed email security risks and considerations with Outlook Web Access (OWA), and provided advice for how to plug the OWA security gaps.

3) Data Security and Compliance

In the area of data security and compliance, two topics were especially popular on the blog. The first was compliance for ITAR and EAR (the import and export regulations that impact organizations doing business with the U.S. military). In our three-part series, we discussed how aerospace and defense organizations can reduce their ITAR and EAR compliance risk with data classification.

U.S. President Barack Obama’s Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Executive Order was also another popular topic. To assist our U.S. government readers, we provided a 5-step process for developing a Controlled Unclassified Information compliance plan, and shared our best practices for Controlled Unclassified Information compliance and data security.

4) Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data loss prevention continues to be a big topic in data security, with WikiLeaks being the biggest data leak story of the year. After the WikiLeaks story came out, we wrote an article about how the combination of data classification, metadata, and DLP could have helped prevent the WikiLeaks data breach. Later, we wrote another article that described how data security on classified systems can be improved.

5) Cloud Data Security

The move to cloud computing was one of the biggest technology trends in 2011. With both government and commercial organizations transitioning their computing services to the cloud, cloud data security has become a key concern. We covered this topic in an article about cloud data security in the U.S. federal government.

Looking Ahead to 2012

At TITUS, we’re excited about the security challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2012. There is no doubt that mobile security and cloud data security will continue to grab headlines, alongside more traditional security areas like compliance, data loss prevention, and data classification.

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